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Hello again!

Last weeks have not been that easy, as you might have guessed  seeing how I could not keep up with postings. I commited myself to more regular writing, now that everything seems to get back to normal.

Need a reason for heading to Blogdom again? I’ve been given even two:

First one is the most beautiful flowers I have ever received from my men all together so far, don’ t know what’s the name of them but I enjoyed their sunny yellow all Sunday! And, second one is Little Man1′ s  project for a perfect house: I really hope it to be representative of  a soon-to-be new  home for us.

Whether you celebrated your loving  mommy or if you are a loved mother, wish you had special people who made you appreciate how precious your family is. Enjoy it as much as you can.

See you next time.


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Threads of My Life

Hello again,

nice to find you here once more. And I knew you would come to that: seen the header in my journal, uh?

So. What are the beautiful threads that knit up my life? I’ m quite a luky girl, since I can count at list 5 very strong threads around my heart.

Two of them are the threads that actually knitted me and still keep me up so many times even now that I turned COUGH! (pardon, always this strange coughing when talking about my age, must see a doctor sooner or later). One always thing Mom and Dad will be there forever, then you suddenly realize that it is not the way it goes and that so many things would be left behind, unsaid and not done should they decide it’ s time to face your life on your own.

Then you become a thread in turn, it’s your time now to be a parent, and you ask yourself how can possibly your children think you’re the solution for everything and the wall that will always keep them safe, when you still need this help from your parents.

Luckily, you are not alone, and the last, yet the most important thread, comes to rescue from the fear of not being as solid as your parents have been as a wall or of not knowing all the solutions as your parents did instead. And you really feel this thread is the one you want to knit your life with everafter, intertwined as you both are by now.

And another, last one thread is all around me, offering beauty and help everyday without asking anything in return but respect.

See you next time.












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Hello again!

Again, long time since our last chat, don’ t want you to think I forgot you. Just thought maybe you would like peering quickly into my new projet, soon to come complete:

OK, I owe it to you, picture is not one to stare at  for days and days and days, yet this is a project I’ m enjoying  and I like it very much!

Will give you some more clues or let you see complete project shortly.

See you next time.

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