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Hi! Remember me? It’ s been quite a while, isn’ t it? I’ ve been a little busy as I got back to work in mid-January and time for me shrunk unbelievably during the last month. Nevertheless, I managed to fit some crochet in and this is the result.


See this? Want to make a pair? Easy they are and they crochet up in almost no time. Really, come with me, I’ ll lead you through.

I’ ve been seeing crocheted and knitted wrist-warmers (or half-mitts, or fingerless gloves, whatever you want to call them as long as we know we are talking about those handsome things you put on to keep your hands cozy and warm and leaving your fingers still able to move and do something) all around me during past (really? past??) winter, in papers, on people, even in blogs (would you ever expect there are blogs about crochet? Really? Would you? Do you even look for blogs about crochet? Oh, so it’ s not only me to be this crazy about yarn-things. Bless!).

Also, I was almost aching to use cashmere yarn for some project, although I knew it had to be something small (gorgeous as it may be, cashmere yarn does not sell that gorgeousness for nothing, you know). And it clicked: 1 ball, 2 perhaps is quite enough for  MY wrist-warmers to come out of my hook.

Let’ s see how.


I made wristwarmers to fit my hand which is Medium but require some extra room, though Large is too much for me. Directions are therefore for Medium, but not tightly fitting (Should you wish to make a Small, subtract 4 to 6 chains from foundation row, should you need a Large, add 3 to 4 chains to foundation row).


2 balls of 2 ply sport yarn, I used KASHMIR from CARDIFF (100% cashmere, 25 g or 0.87 oz = 112 mt or 102 yds)

Hook size 6 (4mm)


They are made of single crochets only, I find this stitch has some elegance in it and makes a rich texture. Besides, less air through little holes. I had 2.5 stitches per cm (or 6 stitches per inch)


CH: chain

SC: single crochet

SL: slip stich


General: when at the end of each round, join last stitch to the first one with slip stitch; and first single crochet of every round is made by inserting hook in the second stitch from hook (i.e., into the top of second single crochet of previous round)

Round 1: ch34, join, do not turn;

Round 2 to 12: ch1; sc33, join, do not turn

Round 13: ch1; sc14; ch8; sc15 starting from 5th sc from hook, join, do not turn;

Round 14 to 17: ch1; sc37 (make 1sc in each of 8ch from previous round: this is the hole in which your thumb will go), join, do not turn;

Round 18: ch1, * ch8, work ch9 and 10 together * , repeat from * to * 3 times, ch7, join, do not turn;

Round 19: ch1, ch34, join, do not turn;

Round 20: ch1, * ch8, work ch9 and 10 together * , repeat from * to * 3 times, ch4 join, do not turn;

Round 21: ch1, ch31, join, do not turn;

Round 22: ch1, * ch8, work ch9 and 10 together * , repeat from * to * 3 times, ch1, join, do not turn;

Round 23: ch1, ch28, join, do not turn;

Round 24: ch1, * ch8, work ch9 and 10 together * , repeat from * to * 2 times, ch6, work ch7 and 8 together,ch1, join, do not turn;

Round 25 to35: ch1, sc25, join, do not turn;

Round 36: ch1, sc in same stitch as ch1, 2sc in each sc from previous round , join, weave in ends.

Wish them a little bit longer? Add some extra rounds before round 36; wish them a little bit shorter? Subtract some rounds between round 25 and 35.

Try them on and, go, show off with what you made, they are gorgeous (did I already mentioned that?)

See you next time.


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