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Hello again!

Last weeks have not been that easy, as you might have guessed  seeing how I could not keep up with postings. I commited myself to more regular writing, now that everything seems to get back to normal.

Need a reason for heading to Blogdom again? I’ve been given even two:

First one is the most beautiful flowers I have ever received from my men all together so far, don’ t know what’s the name of them but I enjoyed their sunny yellow all Sunday! And, second one is Little Man1′ s  project for a perfect house: I really hope it to be representative of  a soon-to-be new  home for us.

Whether you celebrated your loving  mommy or if you are a loved mother, wish you had special people who made you appreciate how precious your family is. Enjoy it as much as you can.

See you next time.


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There’ s a man who brings me flowers every day. He says I’m the most wonderful mom in the world.

Maybe he’s right.

In any case… does it hurt someone if he thinks me so? I guess no.

See you next time

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